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Page/Score Turner
Page/Score Turner
Item#: BI-PT

Product Description
Ideal for Musicians and Presenters. It's a plug & play device with USB connection, sturdy metal base, and LED lights which allow you to see it in the dark. This 2-button pedal can turn virtual pages of music scores, tab, chord charts, Powerpoint slides, etc. forward or backward by foot (1 tap, 1 page, like PowerPoint slide) and help share scores projected on big screen. Firm rubber pads under the pedal avoid shifting on floor.

Turning score/tab is easy, fast, quiet, and accurate. Simply tap a button by foot, the right page is there instantly for you to read. It enables you to play without interruption. Digital scores are getting more popular with musicians, and our Page Turner pedal is here to help you.

Unlike some wireless versions on the market, our page turner installs instantly and has no time lag in turning pages. With no battery needed in the pedal, there is no risk of losing power during your performance. This new version works with any computer: PC, Mac tablet, and iPad. (iPad owners will need to have the Apple Camera Connection Kit to provide for a standard USB port -available from Apple resellers).

Weight: 1.5 lbs; Cord length: 94"; Retail box size: 10"x7"x2"

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